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Potential for Flash Floods in the Pecos River Canyon

Santa Fe and San Miguel Counties

Santa Fe County‐‐According to weather reports, the week of July 14‐20, 2013, pose a monumental threat of flash flooding for residents who reside in the Pecos River Canyon.

Due to the recent Tres Lagunas fire, a possibility exists for sudden large rainstorms to cause flash floods in the Pecos River canyon. In the event this occurs; a large amount of debris and mud carried by the flood increases the potential for property damage and threats to life and safety.

Furthermore, this threat is most prevalent in the immediate area of the burn scar as well the Pecos Village and areas downstream. The Village of Villanueva could also be affected due to its proximity of being downstream.

Please make yourself and families aware of these dangers. Also take the proper precautions to createa plan of hasty exit if the threat presents itself and if it is safe to do so.

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